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Thread: 18.0.4 black screen booting issue

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    Re: 18.0.4 black screen booting issue

    By the way, connected to this, once I chroot to a mounted drive, would apt commands work automatically on the mounted drive?

    I tried and update worked fine. However, upgrade appeared to have some issues.
    Please elaborate. Please post the complete error messages. Maybe we can find the problem there. In any case, not GRUB, leave it alone.

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    Re: 18.0.4 black screen booting issue


    Let me elaborate further on the basis of this project. I have several devices transformed to linux systems, Chromebooks and Laptops. This happened to be the first macbook conversion. As long as I had the first partition of Ubuntu, it appeared to be working fine, but then adding the second one, along with expanding containers might have confused the system.

    There was a nice discussion on Ubuntu in Macbook, which appeared to align with my issue. Even the system appeared to be very similar. However, when I went through the sequence, the update-grub command resulted in an error that pertained to /cow. Having spent time on this one for some time now, I decided to start fresh. Backed up the content, cleaned up the partitions and installed a new Ubuntu. Now, it is working fine at least as of now.

    1. Nvidia graphic card - boot screen issue
    this reference very much aligned with my findings -


    There was also grub issue, and boot repair certainly appeared to address the issue to a larger extent for at least this one.

    When it comes to boot screen issue, it certainly pertained to the graphic card driver, which is what led me back to the first reference mentioned above that I discarded before. After our exchange, I decided to confirm the issue, and I installed the recommended nvidia driver to the Kubuntu partition. When I rebooted, I started seeing a black screen for this partition too.

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