Hello everyone,

I think this falls under hardware? Anyhow, I’ve recently switched from a desktop setup, to a laptop/desktop setup. So I use a dock for connecting everything. The dock in particular is the universal Targus 2K (DV1K) which utilizes DisplayLink.

I have used this dock without really any major issues. However, every so often, I found the Ethernet connection associated with the dock just stops working. The internet just ceases, and it takes a few minutes for Ubuntu to notice. I have to unplug the USB 3.0 connector and plug it back in. Then all is good again. I’ve experienced it failing at random times it seems. A few times, back to back within 10 minutes of reinserting the dock’s USB. Other times, it can go for half of a day.

I was just curious if anyone had experienced this before or wanted to help? Figured it was more effective to ask here before DisplayLink support. They do have a diagnostics tool, which I ran. It has a bunch of text logs. I didn't make much of them. lsub, dmesg, etc and then some in gibberish regarding firmware; proprietary stuff. Let me know if they would be of any help?

Thank you!