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Thread: Fresh Install of Ubuntu 20.04 will not boot

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    Fresh Install of Ubuntu 20.04 will not boot

    I have been humbled to the dust, and now I have to make my first forum post. Its been a few days and I can't get this working.

    My latptop was running windows 7 and one day started running real slow, so I took that as a sign to switch to full-time ubuntu. I tried installing the default ubuntu, but then it would not boot after I restarted. I thought maybe switching flavors would help (and I wanted to anyway afterwards) so I switched to Ubuntu-Mate. Same problem, so I dug around some more.

    I have tried most things posted about how to fix Ubuntu not booting.

    I had to reformat my disk because no partitions were even detected during the first install, so now it is currently MBR.

    My computer is a DELL XPS L521X, with BIOS version A04. Not UEFI I believe. There aren't options for "secure boot" and all that, just where to boot from (in terms of boot options).

    I booted a live session and ran boot-repair. I will paste the error below.
    I currently only have 2 partitions, as the default set up made for me. A FAT16 boot one and then an ex4 one. Both have /mnt/boot as mount points..

    I have tried a reinstall once of Ubuntu Mate and had the same problems. Before the reinstall, I tried reinstalling grub but then it booted just to grub, and didn't detect the operating system.

    This could have something to do with RAID which I don't know much about, or an outdated BIOS, bad partitions...
    Currently it just says no bootable disk when I try and boot without the flash drive.
    Its got to be something simple, but I just keep missing it. Thanks in advance. I will be happy to provide more output if needed.

    (I prefer not reinstalling if possible, it has taken hours even when I don't download upgrades.)

    Last thing, after my last attempt at boot repair my live session won't detect any WiFi connections. I even plugged in ethernet and couldn't get it. If anyone knows common problems or tricks to solve that, it will probably be necessary to do any fixes.
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    Re: Fresh Install of Ubuntu 20.04 will not boot

    I got internet connection back.

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    Re: Fresh Install of Ubuntu 20.04 will not boot

    While Windows 7 systems were normally BIOS/MBR, Intel i-series chips were on newer systems that were UEFI. So it may be an early UEFI, but then would need BIOS/UEFI update.

    Older Dell seem to make it difficult to update BIOS from anything but Windows as it normally offers an .exe that will not run in Linux.

    Do you have RAID or Intel RST on? It is trying to mount /dev/mapper which is either RAID or LVM. And that is confusing everything. Check your BIOS settings for drives, should be AHCI, not RAID nor Intel RST.
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    Re: Fresh Install of Ubuntu 20.04 will not boot

    Agreed, the RAID question is critical. tacodos, please boot a live session (same as you used to install), set up an internet connection, open Firefox, log into the Forum, and navigate to this thread. Then, open Terminal (Ctrl-Shift-T) and run the following two commands (per NixCP):
    sudo lshw | grep raid -I
    lspci | grep -i raid
    In Terminal, select Edit > Select All, then Edit > Copy. Switch back to Firefox and paste the clipboard into your next reply, preferably enclosing the output in code tags (the # button).
    If this doesn't answer the question, I'm going to suggest installing inxi and getting the answer that way, sudo apt install inxi, then inxi -SMR (which I know works).
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