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Thread: My 20.04 fresh installed ubuntu is totally slow

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    Angry My 20.04 fresh installed ubuntu is totally slow

    Hello, I have installed ubuntu 20.04 next to my Windows10. After the boot screen where I chose Ubuntu I have to wait more than two minutes to get the loaded ubuntu desktop.

    I have read some forums and topics about the slow ubuntu, so I ran the systemd-analyze blame command and found that the plymouth-quit-wait.service has 1min 50sec loading time. What can I do? Is it so important that I cannot skip it?
    The windows 10 part is successfully loading in 19 sec. What do you suggest? How can I make my ubuntu faster? Is it possible? Thanks in advance!

    What is the average boot time on ubuntu? Is it normal that I have to wait more than 2 minutes?

    the result of the systemd command:
    limrek83@limrek-u20:~$ sudo systemd-analyze blame
    1min 50.189s plymouth-quit-wait.service                           
         24.577s systemd-journal-flush.service                        
         20.610s snapd.service                                        
         18.246s networkd-dispatcher.service                          
         16.204s dev-sdb3.device                                      
         15.562s udisks2.service                                      
         14.944s accounts-daemon.service                              
         14.891s gpu-manager.service                                  
         13.791s NetworkManager-wait-online.service                   
         13.286s polkit.service                                       
         10.545s avahi-daemon.service                                 
         10.542s bluetooth.service                                    
         10.532s NetworkManager.service                               
         10.521s iio-sensor-proxy.service                             
          8.284s switcheroo-control.service                           
          7.783s thermald.service                                     
          7.780s wpa_supplicant.service                               
          7.780s systemd-logind.service                               
          6.753s dev-loop3.device                                     
          6.649s dev-loop4.device                                     
          6.203s dev-loop1.device                                     
          6.156s dev-loop0.device                                     
          6.126s dev-loop2.device                                     
          5.572s packagekit.service                                   
          5.348s grub-common.service                                  
          5.227s apport.service                                       
          4.772s secureboot-db.service                                
          4.750s grub-initrd-fallback.service                         
          3.932s e2scrub_reap.service                                 
          3.787s rsyslog.service                                      
          3.553s systemd-resolved.service                             
          2.747s fstrim.service                                       
          2.602s pppd-dns.service                                     
          2.288s gdm.service                                          
          2.132s apparmor.service                                     
          2.072s systemd-udevd.service                                
          2.031s systemd-random-seed.service                          
          2.009s systemd-sysctl.service                               
          1.795s ModemManager.service                                 
          1.587s upower.service                                       
          1.511s colord.service                                       
          1.419s systemd-tmpfiles-setup-dev.service                   
          1.167s systemd-tmpfiles-setup.service                       
          1.153s systemd-rfkill.service                               
          1.008s systemd-fsck@dev-disk-by\x2duuid-4862\x2dB553.service
           981ms setvtrgb.service                                     
           702ms swapfile.swap                                        
           673ms systemd-sysusers.service                             
           668ms user@1000.service                                    
           666ms snapd.apparmor.service                               
           623ms snapd.seeded.service                                 
           564ms systemd-modules-load.service                         
           494ms keyboard-setup.service                               
           470ms dev-hugepages.mount                                  
           469ms dev-mqueue.mount                                     
           468ms sys-kernel-debug.mount                               
           468ms sys-kernel-tracing.mount                             
           466ms systemd-journald.service                             
           432ms kmod-static-nodes.service                            
           431ms modprobe@drm.service                                 
           426ms systemd-backlight@backlight:intel_backlight.service  
           398ms plymouth-start.service                               
           379ms systemd-udev-trigger.service                         
           347ms boot-efi.mount                                       
           338ms snap-snap\x2dstore-433.mount                         
           329ms snap-core18-1705.mount                               
           315ms snap-gtk\x2dcommon\x2dthemes-1506.mount              
           303ms snap-gnome\x2d3\x2d34\x2d1804-24.mount               
           294ms snap-snapd-7264.mount                                
           291ms openvpn.service                                      
           277ms systemd-timesyncd.service                            
           220ms kerneloops.service                                   
           208ms ufw.service                                          
           121ms systemd-remount-fs.service                           
           114ms systemd-user-sessions.service                        
            70ms systemd-update-utmp.service                          
            64ms snap-core18-1880.mount                               
            62ms console-setup.service                                
            43ms snap-snapd-8542.mount                                
            24ms plymouth-read-write.service                          
            21ms alsa-restore.service                                 
            21ms user-runtime-dir@1000.service                        
            20ms rtkit-daemon.service                                 
            13ms dev-loop5.device                                     
            11ms systemd-update-utmp-runlevel.service                 
             5ms dev-loop6.device                                     
             2ms sys-fs-fuse-connections.mount                        
             2ms sys-kernel-config.mount                              
           693us snapd.socket
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    Re: My 20.04 fresh installed ubuntu is totally slow

    Quote Originally Posted by limrek View Post
    What is the average boot time on ubuntu?
    Some small number of seconds. I rarely reboot, so I couldn't tell you exactly how many.

    The default timeout when starting/stopping services is 90 seconds, which I think is a bit long, but is configurable. I can't remember exactly where the setting is - it's a text file somewhere - but reducing that will mean that your computer is spending less time waiting for Plymouth to timeout during the boot process.

    The next thing you can do is try to work out what the issue is with Plymouth on your computer. That's the bit that draws the splash screen during boot; it's possible that it's not able to set your display for some reason, and that's why it's timing out.
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