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Thread: msktutils create in AD child OU

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    msktutils create in AD child OU


    You apparently have to START with the most deep layer, and work your way out. Which has got to be the most conter-intuitive thing I have encountered in a long time.

    HTML Code:
    instead of
    HTML Code:
    This isn't mentioned in any of the MAN pages I looked up, nor did I find anything hinting at this in any of my search terms which included nested, child, OU, AD, LDAP, etc.

    Discovered it on my own, And I do not know why I decided to try it. I do not have experience with AD or LDAP. I'm just a windows user level, and ubuntu support level, starting my Sys Admin path.

    Original Post Below

    I'm a bit stumped. Cant seem to find the solution to adding a computer to the correct OU, which is nested in another OU on my Windows AD server. I can not change the AD structure (as it is not my choice, and i have to work with it)

    More Details:
    AD Structure:
    HTML Code:
    AD01.klaxmaster.local > Klax(OU)>Devices(OU)
    (The default computer location would just be AD01.klaxmaster.local>Computers)

    Command being used:
    HTML Code:
    msktutil -N -c -b 'OU=KLAX,OU=DEVICES' -s ADTEST/adtest.klaxmaster.local -k my-keytab.keytab –-computer-name ADTEST –-upn ADTEST$ –-server ad01.klaxmaster.local –-user-creds-only
    I believe I have tried every combo of CN= and OU=. But i can't get it into the child OU 'DEVICES'

    I CAN get it to add the object to OU=KLAX making it at the same level as the child OU=DEVICES, but i need it inside, not parallel.

    I can not settle for having it placed it in the default computers list, As I need to replicate what my office uses, which i have no control or say in changing.

    The actual error I get is:
    HTML Code:
    Error: ldap_add_ext_s failed (No such object)
               additional info:0000208D: NameErr: DSID-03100288, prolem 2001 (NO_OBJECT), data 0, best match of:

    I am left wondering if I just can't figure out the SYNTAX or if msktutils just cant add an object in a nested OU (Child OU)
    the latter seems unlikely, though, as i can authenticate with the admin user that is in the same depth but in
    HTML Code:
    AD01.klaxmaster.local > Klax(OU)>Employees(OU)>klax.master
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