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Thread: Desktop Icons now gone

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    Re: Desktop Icons now gone

    How do I install Mate over my ubuntu install?
    Well you can go dirty and install the desktop on to the existing install:
    sudo apt install ubuntu-mate-desktop
    This will give the mate desktop as an option to log into from the login screen.
    It's dirty because it means you will still have the normal Ubuntu installed so various programs may show more than one,
    like having multiple text editors or file managers. So having different desktops installed can cause confusion sometimes.

    or you could go clean and reinstall it over the existing install
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    Re: Desktop Icons now gone

    Quote Originally Posted by claven123 View Post
    How do I install Mate over my ubuntu install? I have dual boot with Win 10. Or, point me in the direction on where to find this. Tweaks does not work for enabling extension (the add icon to desktop).


    A less drastic way would be to simply use a different file manager to run the desktop, for example nemo, see this post.

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