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Thread: Hangs when switching users Ubuntu 18.04

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    Hangs when switching users Ubuntu 18.04


    1. Login to user 1
    2. Let computer go to sleep
    3. Use the power button UI menu to choose "Switch User"
    4. Select user 2
    5. Type password
    6. Computer hangs

    It often (or maybe always) shows terminal output and stops at "Thunderbolt" something. Requires power off and reboot to proceed.

    I could not search up any recent results for this, only one for Ubuntu 7 and one for Ubuntu 11, neither of which seem to apply to me.

    Any help for how to diagnose is appreciated

    Ubuntu 18.04
    Intel NUC
    Dell 2407WFPb connected via DVI
    Logitech M510 with dongle
    Ethernet (wifi off)
    USB keyboard
    USB camera

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    Re: Hangs when switching users Ubuntu 18.04

    Someone on Launchpad ( seems to have found a workaround. Does that work for you?

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