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Thread: Unable to use multipass with libvirt

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    Unable to use multipass with libvirt

    Following the instructions I am unable to get multipass to work with libvirt.

    I am using Ubuntu 20.04 Desktop and I can confirm that I have libvirt-daemon-system installed. My user's groups are "adm cdrom sudo dip plugdev lpadmin lxd sambashare wireshark libvirt docker", and multipass is installed as follows:

    $ snap list
    Name Version Rev Tracking Publisher Notes
    multipass 1.3.0 2259 latest/stable canonical✓ -

    I have attempted to enable the libvirt driver, but then when I attempt to launch a machine I get an error:

    $ sudo multipass set local.driver=libvirt
    [sudo] password for bob:
    $ multipass get local.driver
    $ multipass launch ubuntu
    launch failed: Cannot connect to libvirtd: Failed to open file '/etc/libvirt/libvirt.conf': Permission denied
    Please ensure libvirt is installed and running.

    Running the last command with sudo has no improvement.

    I'm presuming that this is due to the snap sandboxing of multipass. I have not tried installing the snap in classic mode (as that's not indicated in the documentation). Can anyone advise please?

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    Re: Unable to use multipass with libvirt

    Found the answer:

    "you will need to snap connect multipass:libvirt now that Multipass is strictly confined (on edge). We'll improve the error message to suggest that, however."

    Looks like the problem made it from edge to stable but the issue is still open so the intent is probably there to fix it at some point.

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