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Thread: Call for testing the current daily Groovy iso files

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    Re: How to get further with the boot problem of groovy - looking for workarounds

    Testing the latest mkusb_grub-boot-template-for-uefi-n-bios_fat32_4GB_use-in-wins_2020-09-07.img.xz ISO boot template with today's Groovy daily. Direct booting of the ISO file works okay in BIOS mode but not in UEFI mode. I have not messed with secure boot etc as the UEFI computer is my wife's. A persistent install made with 12.5.7 also worked fine in BIOS mode but not in UEFI mode.


    On the Gigabyte Brix GB-BXi7-5775R, (UEFI), computer the error is

    initramfs unpacking failed
    decoding failed

    with both the loopback loop ISO install and with the dus persistent install.
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