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Thread: Keyboard issuse in asus vivobook s14

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    Keyboard issuse in asus vivobook s14

    My keyboard keys especially "5","R","E" and "F" stops working but after restart it works fine. But it is very difficult to restart laptop while in middle of the work. I have checked in answers relating to my problem in ubuntu forums.
    One of the solution which i have got was installing xserver-xorg-input . I did so by sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-input-all. But still I am facing the problem.
    I also want to add thzat the keys which I have mentioned above is working in grub menu and while log in the computer.

    I'll be very grateful if you can help me in this regard.

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    Re: Keyboard issuse in asus vivobook s14

    Did you install the current Asus firmware for your laptop? Keyboard problems are common with Asus laptops, I'm sad to say.

    To see if this is hw or software, connect a usb keyboard to the system and see if it goes away. mine did - it is a hardware problem.

    Also, it could be personalized setting. Create a new user account and login using that. Does the problem continue? That would say it is userid specific or system-wide.

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