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Thread: TP Link Extender Issue

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    TP Link Extender Issue

    I have a laptop with Ubuntu 20.04. I can connect to my main WIFI signal, but cannot connect to TP Link WiFi extender. The same laptop with Windows 10 (dual boot) works fine. Other devices like tablets, ipads or phones are connected to this extender normally. Only in Ubuntu 20.04 is the problem.

    I see the TPLink extender Signal on my Networks, I connect with this network, but the network can't connecto to the same time other devices like phones or TV are connected without problems. The same laptop with windows works fine, the issue is only with ubuntu. The problem is only with TPlink extender, I can connect fine to my main WiFi signal.

    Anyone know what could I do?

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    Re: TP Link Extender Issue


    An extender working as such merely extends the range of a given network. Users wouldn't be able to tell where they're actually connecting to because the SSID would be the same.

    Now, the typical extenders have another mode which seems to be the one you're using, the mode that creates an additional WiFi network, sort of bridged to the main one. If this is what you're using and it connects to it but has no "internet access" (not really that because), the problem is likely a wrong DNS definition.

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    Re: TP Link Extender Issue


    Thank you for your answer.

    However, the extender doens't create a new WiFi network, it only extends the main one.

    Moreover, with the previous Ubuntu versions, I hadn't this problem and there are no problems with other devices connected to the same extender, nor with the laptop and Windows 10.

    Any suggestions?

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