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Thread: WebCam problem with VirtualBox (Windows10/7/XP) guest machines

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    WebCam problem with VirtualBox (Windows10/7/XP) guest machines

    I've just installed an Ubuntu 20.04 Desktop Edition on a Dell All in One inspiron 3477 with Webcam that works correctly on it. and since i need a Windows machine to benefits from the Language Interpretation features of Zoom Meeting application (that works only on Windows an MacOS for now) i've created a VM aol mail with VirtualBox-6.1-8 + ExtensionPacks+Giest Additions. But the problem is that my webcam shows nothing but a blue square on my Windows 10, 7 and even XP guest machines, (both via VLC and Zoom).
    any help is welcome, thank you all
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    Re: WebCam problem with VirtualBox (Windows10/7/XP) guest machines

    I have a Win 10 Pro VM that runs on top of my Linux desktop. I tried following these instructions

    and got nowhere. The VBoxManage command complains that it can't find the Extension Pack I have added.

    I also took the route of creating an USB filter for the camera in the Settings for the VM. That didn't work either.
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