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Thread: Lubuntu can run Windows programs and is possible add MATE ?

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    Re: Lubuntu can run Windows programs and is possible add MATE ?

    The problem with adding packages manually is dependencies. If you take a look at a package with 'apt show packagename' you'll see a list of other packages that this one needs to work. And those packages might need other packages which need other packages which ... If you're installing with an internet connections, this is taken care of automatically, the installer goes through the chain of dependencies and installs everything that's needed. If you're trying to do it manually it gets really complicated quickly. There are tools to make it less problematic (synaptic (GUI) offers to create a script for you which you can run on another internet connected machine to download everything you need, aptitude can probably do something similar and there's also something called apt-offline), but since these are not installed by default and need to be installed from the internet you've got a chicken-and-egg situation here.

    Also, the mini.iso is a very bare-bones variant that comes without any GUI AFAIK. It's not beginner-friendly and not meant to be. It's for people who know their way around the system and want a maximum of control over what exactly gets installed.


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    Re: Lubuntu can run Windows programs and is possible add MATE ?

    There are many choices of ISO available.

    The mini.iso I provided is also called the netboot ISO, ie. it's assumed to be on a network, is ideal for diskless/thin-client like devices booted from network & everything gets downloaded from the main online mirrors, or a local (offline) mirror managed locally (but synced from online mirrors).

    It's my understanding the mini.iso does not include a GUI, as GUI desktops are only found on desktop ISOs. You can add a GUI yes, but it's added during or after installation.

    A server ISO contains more than the mini.iso, however will include server configurations, software not found on desktop ISOs (`openssh-server` for example, desktops contain client ssh software only) but without desktop/GUI software thus are still leaner. Finally there are multiple desktop ISO choices.

    If you want everything - starting from a server or desktop ISO makes a lot more sense to me if you're off-line, as it's already included.

    My answer was because you asked
    Quote Originally Posted by aug7744 View Post
    I want to download an Lubuntu ISO current version without third softwares.
    Where I can download an ISO with only OS components ?
    ie. the mini.iso is the minimum necessary; the rest gets added subsequently if desired/needed.I don't use mini.iso installs, as I start with a desktop ISO, then adjust from there.

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    Re: Lubuntu can run Windows programs and is possible add MATE ?

    I didn't read everything in this thread, but have some experience trying to get WINE to work with complex commercial product.

    After a few years using the product under WINE - it never worked 100%, only about 80% of it worked, I gave up and have been running that software under Windows in a virtual machine ever since. It wasn't a video or image tool, so the added layers to between the program and the screen were/are unimportant.

    For Windows programs that have a heavy GPU requirement, there are only 2 viable answers, IMHO. WINE is not part of either.
    • Run those programs on Windows and dual-boot.
    • Run Windows inside a virtual machine hypervisor, on the specific hardware which supports GPU passthru, and meet all the requirements for that (1 high-end video card dedicated to Windows-VM, IOMMU enabled, sufficient RAM, sufficient CPU, sufficient HDD).

    Every update for WINE can break a working Windows program. Beware.
    Similarly, every new kernel will break the GPU passthru to a Windows virtual machine. The good news for this method is that many people are running this way, so the required motherboard, required GPUs, and required hypervisors are fairly well understood at this point. In general, the GPU will need to be US$300 or more. Cheaper GPUs don't get the needed instructions.

    If I were trying to get commercial adobe products to work, have a dedicated Windows computer just for those. The only reason to have Adobe anything is if you make your living using those things. That software costs more than the computer needed to run them, so just get a dedicated computer with 16-32 Cores and 16-32GB of RAM, then add as many SSDs as you need to hold the temporary video files and get a cheap $600+ NAS device to hold the non-temporary work files.

    If you aren't or won't be earning a living from the Adobe software, then just start using the professional-grade Linux tools instead. There are many video editors and The Gimp for images.


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    Re: Lubuntu can run Windows programs and is possible add MATE ?

    Thanks for all replies.

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