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Thread: 14.04.6 sudo: unable to resolve host [myHostName]

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    Question 14.04.6 sudo: unable to resolve host [myHostName]

    Ubuntu 14.04.6 LTS. Whenever I disable any form of internet access (wifi and/or wired), then every sudo I type generates:

    sudo: unable to resolve hostname [myHostname]

    Followed by not being able to ping localhost and myHostName. Raw IP addresses and are still pinged properly. HOSTS file has correct entries for localhost and myHostName - I've checked many, many times.

    As soon as I enable Wifi/wired (and when it connects to the access point/network), I am able to ping localhost, which is correctly resolved to BUT, pinging myHostName produces no response and resolves to some arbitrary IP (
    Avahi-resolve outright refuses to resolve localhost, myHostName and anything on the local network. If avahi-autoipd is running, avahi resolves the local network's IPv6 hostnames (not IPv4), but ping command still cannot. Nslookup resolves the IPv4 but produces the same random ip ( on nslookup myhostname.

    Same results when doing all of the above from TTY.

    What can be the reason?

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    Re: 14.04.6 sudo: unable to resolve host [myHostName]

    14.04 + 5 years = .....
    support ended last year. please move to a supported release or contact canonical's paid support team.

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