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Thread: Make the Ubuntu Forum look nicer!

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    Make the Ubuntu Forum look nicer!

    Hey! The title speaks for itself, no explanation needed.

    I'm just coming from places like the Manjaro Forum( which just look absolutely gorgeous. Yes, they use prebuilt software(not sure if this Forum does or not), but it just looks so much modern, and seeing that kind of polish here would make it feel much more "home-y" in a sense.

    Obviously, I'm asking for a lot here, but at least seeing some change to help with the UI would improve the user experience a ton here.

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    Re: Make the Ubuntu Forum look nicer!

    Well, in my opinion, that's just one side of the story.
    I feel like this forum is much sorted and categorized.

    Unless you really speak what change do you want to see in this, I think your statement is incomplete.
    Plus, a majority of the users have to agree on your opinion to make it acceptable to consider for a change.

    Disclaimer: I am not one from the moderator team nor one from the dev or the forum team to make the above statements.
    This is my own opinion.

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    Re: Make the Ubuntu Forum look nicer!

    i tend to agree with the OP, but that's just my opinion.
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    Re: Make the Ubuntu Forum look nicer!

    Canonical, Ltd, the distributors of Ubuntu, control the look and feel of the Ubuntu Forums, exept for a very few small bits. Nobody here, Staff included, works for Canonical, so we have no say in the Forums' design. We are all just volunteer end-users that Canonical allows on their playground.
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