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Thread: Multipass GUI Desktop - How to resize VM window?

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    Multipass GUI Desktop - How to resize VM window?


    I have Multipass installed via Snap on a Q4OS (Debian 10) box. I am able to launch an Ubuntu image (18.04 and 20.04), exec a shell, play in Bash, no problem. After installing xfce and vnc server, I am able to connect to the desktop from vnc client on the host. My problem is twofold: the immediate issue is how to make the VM window larger. My host display is 4k scaled to 200% (so 1920x1080 should be fullscreen). The VM window is approximately 1/6 of my desktop and I can't seem to change the size (see attached image).

    My broader issue is how to control the VM in general. Please don't suggest changing the driver to libvirt unless you're prepared to give detailed instruction. I tried it once already and had to remove and reinstall multipass to recover. I would like to know where to find the config parameters and how to set them as it is, out of the box, using the default backend. Thanks!


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    Re: Multipass GUI Desktop - How to resize VM window?

    Thread moved to the "Ubuntu/Debian BASED" forum.

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