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Thread: Web browsers??

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    Re: Web browsers??

    Lynx is really fast. no pictures though.
    Read the easy to understand, lots of pics Ubuntu manual.
    Do i need antivirus/firewall in linux?
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    Re: Web browsers??

    Quote Originally Posted by nikaron66 View Post
    As a newbie, should I use chromium?
    Maybe. Everyone else has an opinion, so I'll share mine too.

    If a browser meets your needs and doesn't make you unhappy for supporting some specific company or uneasy for removing privacy or feeding data to ensure YOU ARE THE PRODUCT, then why not use it?

    Chromium is the base for many other browsers like Chrome, ChromeOS, Brave, whatever MSFT is pushing today. Basically any non-Apple and non-Mozilla browsers use Chromium as their base. Chromium lacks a few features that Chrome has, but I've not noticed any lack.

    I don't trust any browsers today. They all use a flawed business model of sending traffic to different search engines to be paid for that traffic. A few years ago, Canonical modified Firefox so they could get paid by redirecting traffic. Google, Bing, and a few other search engines paid for this traffic. Before Google created Chrome and spun off Chromium, they were paying more. By creating Chrome, those traffic payments don't leave google. They claim Chrome was to make the web "better", but at the same time, they saved hundreds of millions of $$$$ in traffic redirection payments and got direct access to everywhere we visit with their browser. Chromium, in theory, doesn't have the same level of tracking that Chrome does. I don't know if that is true. Chromium definitely uses google infrastructure, so they can still gain some tracking information in that way.

    Mozilla isn't a saint either and I wouldn't expect Safari/Apple to be either. These are businesses and must make money to pay their people.

    Because I don't trust any browsers, they all run in constrained environments. Some more constrained than others. Some always think this is the very first time I've every run them and get a different advertising tracking ID/supercookie every run.

    There are multiple different techniques for accessing the web while limiting the personalized data leaked. Alas, that wasn't the question here.

    I use chromium, but only in a highly constrained environment when allowing everything the web can do is mandatory. It is not my main browser. I'm not using it here, now, typing this. That is firefox, in a slightly constrained sandbox that only allows javascript for a few locations. On this page, there are 2 domains trying to run javascript. and googletagmanager. The first is allowed. The 2nd is not. Googletagmanager's javascript is never allowed to run javascript in firefox on my systems. It is labeled as "untrusted", along with hundreds of other google web domains. I also use dillo when a minimal browser is desired. I never plan to use Google Chrome. Should using it become required, I'll have to change some network infrastructure to allow access to more google domains than I'd like. I consider google to be one of the worst companies because most of their profit techniques aren't well understood and are secrets. They don't provide a way for us to 100% opt out - more importantly, they assume we agree when we don't. Sorry - I'm just really unhappy when people/companies take things without asking. All google tracking should be opt-in. If we aren't running with an actively logged-in google account, we shouldn't be tracked. Same for all other "data broker" internet companies.

    +1 for lynx. But it doesn't have anything but basic HTML support. No images. No javascript. Basically, it is from the 1993 web.

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