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Thread: Upgrading from 18.04.4

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    Upgrading from 18.04.4

    I think the time is coming to upgrade. I may have a problem on one machine. I decided, a your or so ago, to install kbuntu over ubuntu for some reason I can't remember. its been running ok since then (with some small livable problems) but I am wondering what this will do when I try and update. I would appreciate anybody's thoughts on this one as to how I should handle this.

    Thank you................
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    Re: Upgrading from 18.04.4

    If it's Ubuntu 18.04, it will upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04. If it's Kubuntu 18.04, it will upgrade to Kubuntu 20.04. If it's a mix, it will upgrade to a mix. It shouldn't matter. But release upgrading isn't the most reliable process, so be prepared for a fresh install if things go wrong. The upgrade will be released in about a month.


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