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Thread: Gmail - Google

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    Re: Gmail - Google

    Quote Originally Posted by coffeecat View Post
    The live links in the OP are ones and lead to genuine google pages. I rather doubt that Google has taken up phishing!
    Anyone who's tried to fully navigate their way through google's privacy and personal data controls and documentation might think google has always been a competent angler.
    (That said, they do provide reliable and free, in one sense, services which I have used with little issue for years).

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    Re: Gmail - Google

    This totally blows, I do not like Thunderbird at all!

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    Re: Gmail - Google

    Quote Originally Posted by mastablasta View Post
    google drive from nautilus?

    also why would evolution be banned? they just collect emails.
    As the notification states:

    All apps listed above have not passed our required verification process and, as a result, will no longer be able to access your Gmail data starting July 8, 2020.
    It appears to me that something needs to be fixed in Evolution to pass the required verification process.

    Does Evolution support OAuth2?

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