(applogies in advanced if I'm missing something obvious )
My mac runs it's fans by defualt a little slower than it should so I downloaded "manfactld" and followed the instructions.


I didn't run into any problems until I ran the command
cat /etc/macfanctl.confwhere I got to this in ther terminal.

cat /etc/macfanctl.conf
# Config file for macfanctl daemon
# Note: 0 < temp_X_floor < temp_X_ceiling
# 0 < fan_min < 6200

fan_min: 2000

temp_avg_floor: 45
temp_avg_ceiling: 55

temp_TC0P_floor: 50
temp_TC0P_ceiling: 58

temp_TG0P_floor: 50
temp_TG0P_ceiling: 58

# Add sensors to be excluded here, separated by space, i.e.
# exclude: 1 7
# will disable reading of sensors temp1_input and temp7_input.


# log_level values:
# 0: Startup / Exit logging only
# 1: Basic temp / fan logging
# 2: Log all sensors

From here I'm confused on how to config these settings. Forexample when I ran "fan min: 3000" i got

Command 'fan' not found.

I tried to run "
cat /etc/macfanctl.conf fan min:3000"
...but got
cat: fan: No such file or directory
cat: 'min:3000': No such file or directory

I'm lost on what to try, I just installed linux (lubuntu) for the first time yesterday but I won't be able to use it if I can't config the fans

thanks, josh