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Thread: Reset my network settings

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    Reset my network settings

    ive have a server running ubuntu 18 for a few months, installed and tried to configure things how i would like - mainly by following online guides.

    in that process, i think i have messed up my network settings and have a number of things id like to fix.

    everytime i restart my box i have to enter:

    sudo iptables -P INPUT ACCEPT && sudo iptables -F INPUT  && sudo iptables -P OUTPUT ACCEPT && sudo iptables -F  OUTPUT
    This line was used following me installing NordVPN and the line was given to me by one of their agents to get the machine working with NordVPN, i no longer use NordVPN.

    I cannot use SSH on a local machine following a reset until i enter this, i dont think i should have to enter this every time - how do i fix this?

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    Re: Reset my network settings

    Wow! That agent just wanted you to go away. I suppose that would let their VPN work ... by flushing all firewall rules on the system. Did they have you run some iptables commands before providing that line with 4 commands to effectively stop iptables from doing anything useful?

    sudo iptables -L

    So you should dump all the firewall rules and start over. It isn't like what you have is being used. I'd get a list of the rules setup by iptables and ufw, save those off somewhere for reference and start over.

    If all you want is to allow inbound ssh and outbound everything else, then I'd do
    sudo ufw enable
    sudo ufw allow ssh
    sudo apt install fail2ban
    This assumes that any iptables settings have been flushed.

    If you want a more complex firewall solution, there are some posts in these forums about that. You can look up CSF scripts and see if that would be helpful.


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