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Thread: Not getting installation type screen

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    Question Not getting installation type screen

    Hello all,

    First post. I have followed all the official instructions to build a bootable usb drive on my mac that it said was ok to use for a generic pc. I have then again followed the official instructions to book my server from the usb drive and followed again the official instructions to install ubuntu. All is going well until I should see the installation type screen

    At this point I do not see the screen but instead get asked for a partition/directory location but none of the buttons all me to do anything. I have tried this a few times but no change in outcome which leads me to suspect there is a. something wrong with my server (which is new 2nd user) or b. I've just done something wrong/stupid (which is not too unusual )

    All and any advice/guidance greatly appreciated but any suggestions to 'try' stuff will take 24 hrs to try as I can't do while working. I am trying to set up a home test lab. I have found a 1tb disk so I may put that in and go for a dual boot, but not done that before!
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    Re: Not getting installation type screen

    Ubuntu doesn't install to a directory. Its not an application like MS Office or VLC. It's an operating system. This will help (I don't use Mac hardware. It's massively overpriced). Seems you need to make unallocated disk space but this shows the method well.

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    Re: Not getting installation type screen

    Welcome to the party

    Which system's tool has been used to create that bootable usb ?

    When you get a workable stick, then set your bios/uefi prefs to boot on that usb device

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    Re: Not getting installation type screen

    I'm a bit confused...........

    Your thread title is Not getting installation type screen, yet you have included a screenshot of Installation Type?

    Your screen shot also states that you do not have any operating systems.

    Have you created a partition table and formatted any partitions?


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