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Thread: ffmpeg sources desktop webcam

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    Post ffmpeg sources desktop webcam

    I want my webcam (HP TrueVision HD Camera (0xxx: 0xxx) to record what I'm doing on the Desktop with ffmpeg. Which is the right way to do it?)

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    Re: ffmpeg sources desktop webcam

    I’m confused by the question.

    A webcam should be used to record people, not the desktop.

    To record the desktop, use a screen capture tool like SimpleScreenRecorder. it is possible to use ffmpeg and capture the desktop and there are lots of example commands any web search will find for that, but the simplicity of SSR make it the tool i use for stuff like this.

    if you want to have both on the same screen, then use a tool like OBS to capture the screeen and use the webcam as a video input to put your talking head in a corner.

    if my answer doesn't make sense, perhaps you can try explaining again?

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