So I've installed vanilla Ubuntu 20.04 on my new Precision 7750 (which is supposed to be Ubuntu certified laptop and came with 18.04 pre-installed) and I'm having a couple of issues.

First of all the power button fingerprint reader device doesn't seem to be recognized. I don't suppose there's a driver for that somewhere?

Second issue is that the trackpad right click button is not working. I can open right click menu with two finger tap, but I'd prefer that the button worked as well. I've live booted 18.04 from USB and touchpad middle click button wasn't working along with the right click. This tells me that it's most likely a faulty driver rather than a hardware issue. For a while even the left button wasn't working, but then it just came back, I'm not sure if that was something that I did since at the time I was installing, tweaking things and constantly rebooting. Any ideas?