I have 8 virtual desktops and enjoy keeping them all up, with one serving as a "communication center" and another for graphics work and another for web stuff...etc.

I am on a Dell XPS 8930, with Lubuntu 20.04LTS.

The problem is that since installing Lubuntu 20.04LTS, certain programs will suddenly pull me away from the virtual desktop I'm writing in and steal focus, plopping me into their window. This just happened as I was writing this -- my journal program, apparently, every time it saves (every few minutes), will steal me away from my document or window and pull the focus into it. So I might start a sentence here and then finish it in a journal entry...which I then have to delete and switch back to this window. It's very annoying.

One solution is obviously to close these offending programs, but I like keeping them open so I can quickly do stuff in them during the day. Another is Thunderbird -- if it doesn't send an email, even if I've long since switched to my web browser and am reading the news, it will throw an alert that suddenly shifts me back to that virtual desktop. It's particularly annoying if I'm sharing my screen in a Zoom session.

I feel like there must be an easy solution to control this behavior. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you!