i've been trying to find a medium range laptop. i checked the used ones, but they sell them at only 10 or 20% lower prices here (for a 5+ years old machine). so the price is really not tempting.

i found a couple of candidates that fit the need and was dissapointed that all Ryzen 5 3500U machines are gone form the local stores. the new 4000 series appeared but price is really high. there are also a bunch of no OS laptops available here, but after checking them out it seems most have issues with Ubuntu and some even work bad in Win10.

anyway i am deciding between investing into a more rugged machine or spending less for a slightly flimsier one.

my choices come down to price and equipment. They mostly have similar powered CPU (i5), RAM or disk. so the GPU is what makes the difference.

I found a dell inspiron 3593 with i5–1035G1 8GB ram and a separate GPU Nvidia MX230 - it seems this is GPU from last year and would be good enough. but i am a bit worried what happens when support for it runs out? the rest of components can easily be exchanged. upgrade options (up to at least 16GB ram, frame is ready for another drive), it comes with Ubuntu 18.04 preloaded, but i am more used to Kubuntu. so i wonder how easy it is to upgrade OS on these and what happens when nvidia GPU support ends. how long do they support the mobile chips? this PC is 675 EUR

i then found Lenovo ThinkPad E15 with no OS, i5-10210U, 16 GB and only intel GPU. more rugged, many upgrade options (up to 32GB ram+2 more HDD can be added), but price is 835 EUR

then i found HP Pavilion and Asus gaming laptops with Win 10 preloaded and older CPU i5-8300H, 8gb RAM, GTX 1050, that cost about 750 EUR

and some with Ryzen 5 3550H, 16GB RAM newer GTX1650 but with smaller disk for 750 EUR and no OS, (i think i saw one with 512 GB disk for about 800 EUR). those with win10 preloaded are more.

so i am really unsure what to get. i was actually trying to get something with ryzen 5 for 500-550 EUR, btu all those models form HP in that price range are gone now.

Uses (besides school work) and specifications i received are - must run: CS:GO, Gary's mod, Older GOG games (in range of oblivion, skyrim, far cry 2 and 3...), Minecraft, COD:MW1, 2, 3 and FEAR2. so i think that even i% built in GPU should be enough, though i am not 100% sure. also it should have LAN plug for wired connection. i also guess i need at least 512 GB for games and OS. 256 GB is simply too limiting - if you add some games, space can dissapear quickly.