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Thread: Missing dock icons

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    Exclamation Missing dock icons

    1 have just installed Ubuntu 20.04 and will admit to being a novice when it comes to this OS. Everything installed okay but it has shown to have a couple of problems. Neither of the two problems showed up for a short while so I suggest it might have something with my fingers and lack of knowledge on my part. The first problem is that my external drives (i have two 1tb usb drives) keep mounting and then dismounting themselves. this will keep on for as long as I am logged in. Both drive are working in as much as I can read,. write and delete in each once they have mounted of course. the time each remain mounted is not constant. The second problem is that my dock applications icons are keep going missing from the dock itself. The icons work fine when they do become visible. but do not work when they are not there. the icons become visible again after being left alone for a while but the computer has to be idle . The icons come back on their own,the times between varies. When everything is working it works very well so before I do a fresh install I am hoping some kind person may be able to advise me a possible way of sorting these faults out. I Will ask you to remember that I do not know this OS very well.

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    Re: Missing dock icons

    This should probably be two separate posts as they sound like two separate problems.

    1) Are the drives sufficiently powered? Are the cables and connections sturdy?
    This happens with my phone often because of the cable+connection -- I don't care ;P

    2) Have you tried logging out and back in? Have you tried changing the icon theme? Which dock and dock applications are we talking about here?


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