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Thread: Two Ethernet Ports - Swap/Disappear

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    Re: Two Ethernet Ports - Swap/Disappear

    Quote Originally Posted by jphat View Post
    That'll work provided the ports don't take to swapping themselves from time to time. Do you think the current setup has corrected that?
    Anything that removes network-manager is a step up in my book,, but i've never tested anything like what you are doing. Most places, specific ports are connected to specific networks. I’ve never seen swapping. Networking doesn't do that when we set it up using server methods.

    But no way to know until you test.

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    Re: Two Ethernet Ports - Swap/Disappear

    Just out of curiosity, how long has it been doing the swapping thing for you? Was there a period before that where it didn’t do that?

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