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Thread: Command equivalent to yum provides in Ubuntu

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    Command equivalent to yum provides in Ubuntu

    I am new to Ubuntu, and I am running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (focal).

    I am working on installing and configuring the product mailman. One of the commands was to add some lines to the file /etc/aliases and then execute newaliases. I did that and discovered that the command expected the file /etc/postfix/

    I executed the "Ubuntu equivalent" command for RHEL-variants' command:
    yum provides /etc/postfix/*
    The command that I specifically used was:
    apt-file search  /etc/postfix/*
    The result did not provide me with the name of a package, as I know would occur with the RHEL-variant command. So, I decided to check for the existing of the file within /etc/postfix. I found the file /etc/postfix/, which I believe should have been found and the package name provided.

    Did I do something wrong or is the command output on Ubuntu not at all like the command used in Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), Scientific Linux, or CentOS?


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    Re: Command equivalent to yum provides in Ubuntu

    Could also try to verify your findings too

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    Re: Command equivalent to yum provides in Ubuntu

    Hi Warron...

    in short, the answer is might find some interesting reading here....

    and more specific to your question might be found here....

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    Re: Command equivalent to yum provides in Ubuntu

    Apt is very different from yum, which is very different from pacman or yay.

    Your best bet is to read the apt manpage.

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