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Thread: Can't get Carla to load WinVST's.. Wine problem?

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    Can't get Carla to load WinVST's.. Wine problem?

    First I am fairly new to this forum and hope I am posting in the correct section.
    I am running Ubuntu 18.04 with the latest KxStudio repo and Using Carla version 2.1.1. Not the Carla-Git When I scan for Windows VSTs nothing comes up. I was able to load 32-bit VSTs in the past but now it will not show any Win VSTs after I Refresh. Maybe something I did or a conflict with another program? But I have been searching through this forum and googling it for 2 days now and cannot seam to resolve the problem. I am sure I have all of the correct bridges?

    carla-bridge-linux32: audio plugin host (linux32 bridge)
    carla-bridge-linux64: audio plugin host (linux64 bridge)
    carla-bridge-win32: carla win32 bridge
    carla-bridge-win64: carla win64 bridge
    carla-bridge-wine32: carla win32 bridge (wine DLL)
    carla-bridge-wine64: carla win64 bridge (wine DLL)
    Under Search for new... the Windows 32bit and Windows 64bit is checked along with VST3.
    Under 'Available tools' 'carla-discovery-native carala-discovery-posix32 carla-discovery-win32 carla-disocvery-win64 and python3-rdflib (LADSPA-RDF support)' are all (green) check marked. And I am able to scan and discover the Internal, LADSPA, LV2, and VST2 plugins but not VST3

    Here are the messages in the Logs of Carla:
    ======= Starting engine =======
    ======= Engine started ========
    Carla engine started, details:
    Driver name: JACK
    Sample rate: 44100
    Process mode: Single client
    Gtk-Message: 22:32:48.893: GtkDialog mapped without a transient parent. This is discouraged.
    error: failed to expand CURIE `foaferson'
    wine: '/home/thomas/.wine' is a 64-bit installation, it cannot be used with a 32-bit wineserver.

    So to me it has something to do with wine obviously. But seriously I do not have much knowledge of wine. Is anyone else getting this error/problem with Kxstudio winvst's? Or does anyone have any idea of what went wrong?

    If any other information is needed just let me know.

    Any help is appreciated


    I posted this same problem in linuxmusicians forum and found a solution with a bit of help. And as I suspected, it had to do with wine.
    I renamed .wine to .wine.bak and ran the wineprefix command and started over. but first I read this: ... troduction to get a little understanding of what I was doing. I don't know what messed it all up in the first place, but after going through the steps in the link I started Carla up and Refreshed! BAM! There they were! I got WinVST back again!
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