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Thread: newsreader supplied by USENET provider limiting search results?

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    newsreader supplied by USENET provider limiting search results?

    I'm able to access some old articles which cannot be found by using a usenet provider's newsreader. This makes me think that they are not making the entire newsfeed visible via their newsreader.

    Is this so?

    Related on this is the overall design of their service and their newsreader.

    I'm guessing their client newsreader interfaces with a backend search engine on the provider's servers. Thus, the info made visible by the backend search engine limits what is visible via their client newsreader. While this may provide very fast access to search results, its disappointing if only a bit of what is out there is accessible.

    in the old days this is how a newsreader worked. First, for the newsgroup of interest, the article headers had to be downloaded. Once those were on the client machine, the selected individual articles could be downloaded.
    the header files could be huge both in storage volume and time to download and so for example fetched headers could be limited to a date range or since last fetched.
    The behavior of the usenet provider's newsreader suggest they are not downloading the header files into the client machine.

    Any suggestions on a good newsreader to use which would bypass the usenet provider newreaders limitations or maybe it is just a usage issue on my part? Klibido use to be a preferred binaries downloader but requires a build by the user these days. I don't know if there are any issues to getting it to work.

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    Re: newsreader supplied by USENET provider limiting search results?

    Have you tried: ?

    Free web-based search engine; monthly fee for advanced features like no-longer-current articles. Might be worth a look.
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