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Thread: Album Art missing on CD rips. Retrospective solution?

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    Album Art missing on CD rips. Retrospective solution?

    I've been converting CDs to mp3s via SoundJuicer. You'll know that some are catalogued immediately from MusicBrainz, while others require manual entry.

    None, however, include Album Art. It's not hugely important when I'm listening on USB in the car, but would be nice to have when I'm looking through my collection on VLC on my Android phone.

    Is it possible to add Album Art retrospectively? After conversion, I have disposed of the CDs so can't go back and do it again in a different program.

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    Re: Album Art missing on CD rips. Retrospective solution?

    Guayadeque has this functionality. It can search album art from the web or embed art from the local file.
    It will also allow you to search through your library by disk number for playback.

    kid3 will allow you to do this, similarly. Except that kid3-qt is not a playback program. All kid3-qt does is handle id1/3 tags for mp3 and other formats.
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    Re: Album Art missing on CD rips. Retrospective solution?

    using puddletag manually will allow you to add covers to files be careful with the Delete/Unload options Delete really deletes :] always use Unload apart from that very nice app

    sudo apt install puddletag
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