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I thought you were criticizing them. You did say snaps patch without permission which is a bad thing.
Yes, I was. For my needs, any packages that automatically update is a bad thing. Heck, I don't want to be automatically notified about new or out of date packages either. But I patch weekly almost always, at a time of my selection. Make normal end-users don't, but I'd only suggest patching automatically after a month of the package manager NOT being used at all. And the 'apt' tool should have been modified to handle updates for APT, Snaps, Flatpaks and AppImages already too.

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This seems to contradict your opening statement about not agreeing. At the very least fall into line with what I said "I think one of the biggest challenges for independent Linux distribution is software management." This is what I was talking about. There's a lot of methods but most of them bring along new problems and most distros reject them. It's easy to see why Linux Mint refuses to support snap and appimage is pretty much dead. Apt isn't bad but it's not appropriate for everything.
I can agree that
Apt isn't bad but it's not appropriate for everything.
Linux is about choice, not being forced. Canonical has been forcing stuff rather than providing the choice to use it. They forced systemd (and about 10 unwanted systemd-{something} addons). They forced UnityDE. They forced snaps. They forced Wayland. They forced Gnome3. They forced PulseAudio AND broke it unlike most other Linux distros where Pulse "just works".
Linux people prefer to have choices.

I think Ubuntu 10.04 was the closest to perfect Ubuntu release. Everything just felt "right." Almost everything worked as expected. Then Canonical decided to "fix" stuff and broke many things. resolvconf has finally been removed, but it has been replaced by something even worse - systemd-resolved. Now I have to purge 2 packages, not just 1. resolv.conf has been used since before there was a Linux. Of course, the systemd guys decide to misspell it as "resolved" to make things better. I have to believe they really do want to make things better, regardless of the hundreds of failures.

Same for the snap dev team. Let me know when snaps work with NFS.