I have Cinnamon DE 4.4.8 setup on Xubuntu 20.04. I'm really liking it. I would like to use the XFCE screensaver. I have found ways to disable the Cinnamon screensaver. I have setup XFCE screensaver to run on startup. It shows in System Monitor. The screensaver never runs. I prefer to use the XFCE screensaver. I can install Really Slick Screensavers and they just work. I don't have to resort to Terminal commands for them to show like you have to do with XScreensaver. They show and work but XScreensaver then crashes after making a selection or two or it freezes and I have to kill it. I have trouble remembering which now. The point is Xscreensaver doesn't work like it is supposed to after I get Really Slick Screensaver working in it.

Thanks in advance for the help.