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Thread: Trouble Installing gnome-tweaks

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    Trouble Installing gnome-tweaks

    I'm trying to install gnome-tweaks from the command line with
    sudo apt install gnome-tweaks
    It looks like it installs, but I end up with what looks like a GUI inside my Term window. You cannot click the <Ok>, or hit enter or do anything else.
    I dragged the term window down, and it just has the Progress 5% as shown in the attachment.
    The exact same thing happened when I installed VLC earlier and VLC installed.

    Any help is appreciated!
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    Re: Trouble Installing gnome-tweaks

    It looks like a GUI but actually it is made up of text characters. It is not clickable. Use tab to select OK and then press Enter. These terminal dialogues go back to the days before there were desktop environments and mice did not exist. Everything was done by key presses. Oh, for the days when I was young.

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    Re: Trouble Installing gnome-tweaks

    I'll be darned. It works. I thought you were kidding
    Many thanks grahammechanical!!



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