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Thread: upload and download to secondary drives

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    upload and download to secondary drives

    I thought I already posted this but can't find it anywhere.

    I'm having issues uploading and downloading to all my drives except my boot drive. I have two board mounted nvme drives. One is a dual boot with Kubuntu 20.04 and Windows 10. The other is storage. I have 3 other sata drives, (one ssd and two spinners).
    I can access, read, and write to all of the drives, but if I'm trying to download or upload to or from the internet, my nvme drive does not show up in the left column of the window manager, and the other 3 sata drives won't let me download to them.I get an error popup (cannot read contents..., permission denied. I've tried with Chromium and Firefox both. Ideas?

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    Re: upload and download to secondary drives

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