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Thread: WiFi Drama

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    WiFi Drama


    I recently jumped back onto linux as i was an avid user 5-7 years ago. I was on Arch, then Ubuntu for awhile. I wanted to get back into it as something to do during the covid times.

    I just installed Ubuntu 18 on my 2018 MacBook pro and holy cr*p, Broadcom drivers are absolutely trash. I think Iím using the free (open source?) driverís but they are just useless. My current predicament is that i need to switch to the proprietary broadcom drivers but i canít even download anything because itís just so slow!

    My 5ghz bands donít work, the 2.4 band refuses to connect and even a hotspot from my phone is dead ass slow doing anything. Even apt-get update times out :-\

    The chip i believe is a BCM 43602. I do not have an usb-c to ethernet adapter so what are my options?

    - Are there any pre built (unofficial) images that contain the proprietary Broadcom drivers?
    - How else can i install the driverís? Perhaps download the debís when booted in Mac and install manually in OS?

    Kinda against a hard place here, i thought these lil issues wouldnít be so difficult anymore, especially since Wi-Fi is such a common and basic feature nowadays.

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    Re: WiFi Drama

    Thread moved to the "Apple Hardware Users" forum.


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