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Thread: ubuntu get stuck with terminal-like screen at start up

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    ubuntu get stuck with terminal-like screen at start up

    Hi everyone,

    i am quite new to ubuntu, and today i face my first big issue.

    At the start up of the computer i am asked to choose which partition i want to load (i have windows on the other half of the computer).
    After i select ubuntu i still have the "ubuntu" writing with the loading dots below, but after that instead of being prompt to the login page the screen turn black and many lines start scrolling down the screen (see attached image), until the last line "Started GNOME display manager" after that nothing more happens and the screen remains as it is until i forced the shutdown by pressing the power button.

    I am not sure if it can be the cause, but one of the last times i used the pc (maybe the last indeed) i removed some files of the GNOME runtime following the answer to this thread

    I am using ubuntu 18.04.

    I hope the information i provided could be useful and that somebody can help with this problem

    Thanks in advance,

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    Question Re: ubuntu get stuck with terminal-like screen at start up

    That answer ends with:

    You shouldn't remove them, since both are needed by your snaps.
    Did you follow their instructions and just remove snaps, or did you try to remove one of your Gnome runtime installs? What steps exactly did you perform?


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