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Thread: ubuntu take 1:22 min to boot

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    ubuntu take 1:22 min to boot

    hello everyone i am not exactly new to ubuntu i have been using it for 3 months at least and i know a great amount of commands and so on and i have used it before as virtual machine but now i have installed it as main system

    well the problem is when i installed ubuntu for the first time it took 15 - 25 sec Max to boot it was very quick and graceful
    but now i don't know why but it takes 1:22 to reach the desktop and i don't know why my labtop is very good it has 8 giga ram and core i3 8th gen , 5400 rpm hard disk
    i have searched in many websites and so on so i will put the log here and pls guide me through this problem and how i should fix it :-

     systemd-analyze blame
    34.941s plymouth-quit-wait.service                           
    21.482s systemd-journal-flush.service                        
    19.196s dev-sda3.device                                      
    10.581s apport-autoreport.service                            
    10.577s udisks2.service                                      
     9.007s dev-loop13.device                                    
     8.668s dev-loop9.device                                     
     8.587s dev-loop4.device                                     
     8.359s dev-loop7.device                                     
     8.281s dev-loop11.device                                    
     8.160s dev-loop10.device                                    
     8.027s dev-loop5.device                                     
     7.959s dev-loop1.device                                     
     7.904s dev-loop0.device                                     
     7.816s dev-loop8.device                                     
     7.732s dev-loop12.device                                    
     7.700s dev-loop3.device                                     
     7.700s dev-loop6.device                                     
     6.966s NetworkManager.service                               
     6.879s dev-loop2.device                                     
     6.517s man-db.service                                       
     6.382s avahi-daemon.service                                 
     6.327s iio-sensor-proxy.service
    i think this is the most important log if you ever need anything else pls feel free to contact me and i will add it.

    about the startup programs i only have slimbook battery saver and i tried shutting it off and it didn't cut anything from the boot time so its effect as zero (it may take less than 1 sec to start)

    the system is ubuntu 20.04 Lts

    i am ready to do anything necessary to solve this problem even if it meant to change the entire system although it would be annoying and as i heard ubuntu is the fastest

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: ubuntu take 1:22 min to boot

    It can be a variety of issues. Even a bad entry in fstab where partition now does not exist. & &

    I made these changes.
    turned off NetworkManager-wait with systemctl
    changed from quiet splash to noplymouth, will see boot process rather than Ubuntu logo
    sudo apt install libblockdev-crypto2 libblockdev-mdraid2
    turned off printer when rebooting
    removed snaps

    But I have a fast NVMe SSD so boot is really quick.
    UEFI boot install & repair info - Regularly Updated :
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