My late brother had set up an Ubuntu Mint machine (version unknown) for him and one for his wife. As the computer was dying, I set up a laptop for my sister in law using Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.
I then copied her home folder to the new machine (and added the folders from my late brother's computer too).
So far so good.
She tells me that some shortcuts on her desktop are not functional (she had a scanner icon, and things like that).
I tried to check but found that the displayed desktop point to a folder in /home/NAME/ZZZ/Desktop and not on /home/NAME/Desktop which exists on her home directory...
I'm at lost here because I can't tell how to put normal behaviour back in place and how and why it is like that.
So could you please help me set things back to normal ?
It is of paramount importance for her to keep her folders, with content and the old shortcuts because she is old and is used to them... And is very far from computer savvy even if she had used a computer for a long time.
Many thanks in advance for your help !