Hello, everyone. Sorry for my bad English, i'm not fluent.
So... I have a Dell 5567 that came with Windows and Waves MaxxAudio Pro installed and the sound is very good. I've got deep bass and good stereo sound.
The problem is that in Kubuntu 20.04 the sound is kind of low and not so good (i have no bass at all and it looks like the music is mono, or not so good stereo). I've searched and found no driver or application similar to Waves on Linux. All i found is to change some configs on daemon.conf (/home/alisson/.config/pulse/) and asound.conf (/etc) but there are too many settings to change and i don't know what to set up.

My sound card is HDA Intel PCH with Realtek ALC3246 driver.
I already changed some settings in these files but noticed no change at all. Can anyone help me?