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Thread: Indicator Weather not showing current conditions.

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    Indicator Weather not showing current conditions.

    I use Ubuntu Mate 20.04 64-bit. I recently upgraded from 19.10 64-bit. Indicator Weather isn't showing current conditions for my home town. It's just two dashes on my panel for a temperature. It does show the extended forecast. I've been trying to look for an alternative to Indicator Weather to show the outdoor temperature on my panel, but nothing seems to work right. I tried My Weather Indicator, but I couldn't figure out to get back into the settings after it was launched. It just showed a notification for an interval that I set it for, but I couldn't just launch the application to get back in the settings. There was also no indicator on my panel, and I know I set it for that. I tried right-clicking on the notification, but it just clears it. I gave up and uninstalled it, but it continued to work in the background until I restarted the session. I can't find anything that will display an outdoor temperature on my panel. I don't want wiglets either. I don't need the clutter especially sitting on top of my videos. I just want to quickly see simple, current weather conditions on the panel and may be click on it to get more information. That's all. Indicator Weather does fit that bill, if it worked. I can't even change the provider that I know of.

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    Re: Indicator Weather not showing current conditions.

    I have same problem. If anyone can help, please do.

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