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Thread: Bonding in ubuntu 20.04

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    Lightbulb Bonding in ubuntu 20.04

    Hello everyone.
    In order to create (networking teaming) bonding in ubuntu I have implemented the following:
    As you can see I am using an IP and the DHCP option.

    auto eno1
    iface eno1 inet manual
        bond-master bond0
        bond-primary eno1
    auto eno2
    iface eno2 inet manual
        bond-master bond0
    auto bond0
    iface bond0 inet dhcp
        bond-mode active-backup
        bond-miimon 100
        bond-slaves none

    Since its a local network I did not expect the following to be a trouble:
    dhcp to be set to static.
    Once doing it I found out that I constantly suffer from dropping packets and can not even do sudo apt update.

    This is the only way it worked out for me.

    If you have any suggestions on the matter I will be glad to hear you out guys.
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