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Thread: Changing screen off timer for lock screen?

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    Changing screen off timer for lock screen?

    Where can I adjust the screen timer for the lock screen? Doesn't matter either on battery or external power, I have all the options set to "never" but anytime I lock the laptop instead of the cool lock screen, it turns the screen off almost immediately. If I click to get the log in prompt, even that will turn off after a few minutes. Where can I change it to always simply display the lock screen and/or log in when not in use? Cant seem to find it anywhere so I'm assuming its in some archaic text somewhere in the file system gnome folders?

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    Re: Changing screen off timer for lock screen?

    Which release of Ubuntu?
    Afaik lock simply turns off the display.
    Screensaver should able to be set to run in dconf-editor
    (org > gnome > desktop > screensaver)

    Something like this:

    There's also this about lock screen on 20.04
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