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Thread: Short and Clear SMB mount label

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    Re: Short and Clear SMB mount label

    Please understand that nobody here works for Canonical. We are just volunteers sharing what little knowledge we have.

    Use forward slashes on Unix. They actually work on Windows too, BTW. When I was a cross-platform C++ programmer, we always used forward slashes everywhere, on all platforms. It works, at least for non-GUI stuff. If you need to use a \, then you'll want to use \\. If you want \\ then you'll need \\\\. Much easier to use / or //, yes?

    I don't use any GUI much. Just not how I work. Different GUIs have different methods - so Gnome3 and KDE are probably using different code, but IDK. There's is something different about how the GUI does stuff. XFCE and LXQt probably do it different too.

    Google offered up udisksctl which might work in a way that a GUI uses? I don't know. In older releases the GUI used something called GVFS. . The last 2 yrs, the Gnome project claimed they'd worked on gvfs performance. Where it is used, if anywhere on 20.04, I haven't any clue.

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    Re: Short and Clear SMB mount label

    Try adding nodfs to your list of options:
    sudo mount -t cifs // /mnt/share -o username=xxxx,password=xxxxx,dom=AD,nodfs
    BTW, you forgot to take possession of the mounted share: uid=your-linux-user-name. Without it you are likely to have read only access.

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