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Thread: Ubuntu 20.10 Legacy-Server Kickstart Live-Server

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    Ubuntu 20.10 Legacy-Server Kickstart Live-Server

    Up until 20.04, my process to use a Kickstart Preseed file worked with the Ubuntu Legacy-server installation ISO to produce an automated install package. Since Ubuntu 20.10 became available for daily drops, the Legacy-Server file directory has been created however there are no instances of daily build files. Live-Server is the only version of server than can be found and is regularly updated.
    I've tried porting the Kickstart process to Live-Server and received errors during boot of the modified ISO.

    Is Legacy-Server now obsolete starting from Ubuntu 20.10?
    Regardless of whether Legacy-Server has been obsoleted, will Live-Server ever support the Kickstart automated installation process currently documented in Ubuntu installation documentation?

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    Re: Ubuntu 20.10 Legacy-Server Kickstart Live-Server

    They only want to support the "live" installer and the "legacy" installer for 20.04 is said to be the last of the old Debian installer.

    There is a new process for creating an auto-installer and they say it is more flexible but I have not yet tried it.

    More info can be found here:


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