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Thread: Rebuild Desktop Search?

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    Rebuild Desktop Search?

    Dear all,

    recently, I uninstalled the evolution database management system and reinstalled it. (The purpose was to get rid of date notifications from the calendar, but that didn't work out either). I use Ubuntu 20.04 but the problem stems from a previous installation (19).

    Now the (standard unity) desktop search does not work anymore. I can not search (upper left button on the desktop) for programs installed. The search query will open but never yield any results.

    Is there a way to rebuild that database or to reinstall packages? Reinstalling the desktop or unity did not fix the problem so far.

    Thanks in advance,



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    Re: Rebuild Desktop Search?

    Sorta sounds like the application lens ins't installed?
    Try this, see if anything other than the metapackage is to be installed
    sudo apt install ubuntu-unity-desktop
    If the lens or other related is mentioned you can answer Y or go N & install specifically

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    Re: Rebuild Desktop Search?

    great hint, that cured the desktop search. Thanks!

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    Re: Rebuild Desktop Search?

    Great news!

    Please mark as SOLVED from the Thread Tools menu up-top if this is now solved to your satisfaction. It is a great help to other users searching the forum.
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