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Thread: why amd64 and i386?

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    why amd64 and i386?

    I have one machine with ubuntu 20.04 where all packages are installed as both amd64 and i386. On another machine only amd64 packages are installed.
    Can I get rid of the i386 packages?

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    Re: why amd64 and i386?

    all packages are installed as both amd64 and i386
    They aren't. Only a handful ( a large handful) of packages have been built for 32-bit.

    It means you have the system configured to use i386 packages, meaning something you use requires 32-bit packages.
    (Wine is a common package set that still requires 32-bit, for example)

    See here for a breakdown of what's what in regards to 32-bit on 20.04 as well as a list of 32-bit packages built for it:
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