I have now adapted the "middlebox" to 20.04

What is "middlebox": in a nutshell it allows redirection of the network traffic of your Virtual Machines through TOR in a totally transparent way (*).

There was an old thread on HowtoForge about that. I was already obsolete at the time of 14.04 and working out of luck.

I fixed it for 16.04 (post here: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2328605)

It has now been adapted for 20.04, all has been published on the GitLab here : https://gitlab.com/BylonAkila/TOR_Mi...-/tree/master/ under the directory 20.04


(*) the limit of "transparent" is that TOR allows only TCP and DNS. That is not a limitation of the "middlebox" system, rather a TOR limitation.