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Thread: First Impressions, one bug, and one suggestion

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    Smile First Impressions, one bug, and one suggestion

    lubuntu newb here.

    I originally came from Arch, but didn't feel like going through the song and dance to install it on my new laptop. So I thought I'd try lubuntu out. I don't know what the forum culture is like here, or how hostile people may be to frank impressions, but oh what the heck.

    Anyhoo, the overall impression of Lubuntu is that it is all very well thought out. That is to say, the thinking that has gone into which DE to use along with the selection of applications is top notch. It doesn't feel clunky and everything (save for a few quirks not even worth mentioning), just works really well. I don't know why Ubuntu still uses GNOME (hope I'm not annoying anyone), but who the heck in the linux world needs a tablet UI (certainly not a majority of people). Lubuntu is nice in the sense that it gets out of your way, and lets you do what you need to do with apps that "just work". It doesn't impose a bloated UI on you, and doesn't clog up your computer resources with unnecessary software bloat. In other words, it respects the user, and it doesn't spy on the user with "telemetry" or whatever its called.

    One bug to share: I have added a samba share under Network, but I can't get it to remember the username and password for it even though I am selecting to remember the credentials. If anyone knows a workaround, I'd appreciate it.

    One suggestion: Replace the default email client with Sylpheed. Have you tried adding a gmail address with the default email client? It errors out when sending messages, something about a missing directory, even when I put the correct name based on googling the issue. Yet Sylpheed (a similarly light weight email client) makes it a sinch to add gmail addresses. I doubt I would get agreement here, but thought I'd share my experience anyway. Sylpheed "just works".

    That's all I got.

    Overall rating: Comfy/10
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